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Closing date 31 May 2022

Forty years ago, the Editor of The Indexer called on readers to provide feedback on the usability of past indexes to the journal – but no responses were received.

Now, in 2022, we’re revisiting the past and want your help to evaluate the access points to The Indexer, created and cumulated over its 64-year history.

Your participation in this survey will be invaluable for providing future direction to The Indexer.

Like all surveys, our questions range from the general to the more rigorous – but include several fun exercises to help you explore options for finding content in back issues of the journal.  The exercises, however, are optional, but we actively encourage you to complete them.

To whet your appetite, one of the questions asks: What links were there between George Grove (engineer and writer of music) and indexing?

Please note that you may need to leave the survey web pages to help you answer the practical exercises, but you can return to the survey at any time without losing previous responses. Alternatively, you may find it useful to keep several tabs open in your browser, such as:

At no stage can respondents to the survey be identified, but there is an option to include your email address if you would like to be notified about the results or would like to participate in further research about finding content in the journal.

We look forward to reporting our preliminary survey results at the Berlin international indexing conference in October 2022, with a full report to follow in The Indexer by early 2023.

If you have any questions about the survey or problems completing it, please contact Mary Coe at

Thank you – and enjoy!

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