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Responsibility for international liaison rests with ICRIS to which each Society and Associate appoints a liaison. The Editor of The Indexer, the international journal of indexing, is also a member of ICRIS. Working arrangements are set out in the ICRIS Terms of Reference.

It is recommended that each society/network have two or three members subscribed to the ICRIS mailing list. Temporary additional subscriptions are handy for persons intending to attend ICRIS meetings, other than the international representative of that particular society or network. Each society or network is responsible for keeping its membership to the mailing list up to date. Updating is done via requests to the list manager (email index@theindexer.org).

Current ICRIS email list membership (November 2023) showing liaisons:

AFEPI Ireland

  • Eileen O’Neill (liaison)


  • Madeleine Davis (ANZSI President)
  • Frances Lennie (liaison) 


  • Marlene Burger (liaison)
  • Karin McGuirk
  • Karien Hutchison (ASAIB Secretary)


  • Devon Thomas (liaison)
  • President ASI
  • International Liaison
  • Gwen Henson


  • Hua Nie (liaison)
  • Yang Guanghui (liaison)


  • Jochen Fassbender (liaison)
  • Katharina Munk
  • Walter Greulich


  • Margaret de Boer (liaison)
  • Presidents SCI
  • Alexandra Peace


  • Pierke Bosschieter (joint liaison and ICRIS coordinator)
  • Caroline Diepeveen (joint liaison and ICRIS coordinator)


  • Ann Kingdom (liaison)
  • Pam Scholefield

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