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Friday, 19 October 2018  
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ICRIS (International)

ICRIS (International relations)



International relations between indexing societies and associated groups or networks are governed by the International Agreement of Indexing Societies, originally concluded in 1999 and amended at Triennial Meetings in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015. Integral to the International Agreement are arrangements relating to The Indexer. For an account of how these relations developed see 'A short history of matters international' (Jill Halliday, The Indexer, 30(3), pp. 148-50).

Affiliated societies

Associate groups and networks

ICRIS (International Committee of Representatives of Indexing Societies)

ICRIS Membership

Responsibility for international liaison rests with ICRIS to which each Society and Associate appoints a liaison. The Editor of The Indexer, the international journal of indexing, is also a member of ICRIS. Working arrangements are set out in the ICRIS Terms of Reference.

Current ICRIS membership with email contact addresses:

Conducting ICRIS business

The international coordinator (appointed at each Triennial Meeting), and currently Mary Russell (ANZSI), is responsible for the management of ICRIS business.

Formal business is transacted at Triennial Meetings, the main business being to review the International Agreement. Responsibility for hosting Triennial Meetings rotates between the societies. Dates, venues and hosting guidelines are in the Terms of Reference.

Informal meetings take place in the margin of society conferences. In addition to international liaisons (or their nominees) it is the practice to invite others attending the conference in question with international or Indexer interests. Decisions at these meetings are limited to routine management matters, but may include recommendations for submission to the next Triennial Meeting. See below under For your diary for the date of the next meeting.

Ongoing liaison is conducted via the ICRIS listserv. The list membership includes one or two Society/Associate appointees in addition to their liaison, and a second Indexer representative.

ICRIS minutes and archive

Triennial Meeting minutes

Informal Meeting minutes

Analytical indexing in the digital age: useful websites

For your diary

Forthcoming Society Conferences

  • 18-19 October 2018, CSI Annual Conference, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Informal ICRIS meetings


Triennial Meeting

17 October 2018, Fudan University, Shanghai (15:00 to 18:00):

Updates and corrections

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