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Friday, 19 October 2018  
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Notes for guest editors

  1. Issue Editors are appointed by the Editor, and will usually be members of one of the associated indexing societies. They will normally be appointed at least twelve months prior to the cover date of the relevant issue.
  2. Issue Editors are asked to commission a sufficient number of articles to fill about 20 pages of the issue for which they are responsible. These may be either full-length articles (3,000-5000 words, approximately 4-6 Indexer pages), or shorter items (800-1,000 words, or about one Indexer page). Usually articles commissioned by the Issue Editors may be supplemented by articles and fillers received independently by the Editor. The occasional lightweight article is more than welcome but Issue Editors should bear in mind the scholarly nature of the journal and its international readership, and seek to commission mainly material of high academic quality. The overall aim is to make each issue of The Indexer lively and attractive to a broad readership with a variety of interests.
  3. Articles commissioned should be on subjects related to indexing, and may be on a variety of topics, or may follow a theme. The Editor must be kept informed of the content of articles commissioned or in preparation, to avoid duplication. The Editor should be sent an outline or preliminary draft of all articles as early in the preparation process as possible. It is the policy of The Indexer not to reprint items that have already appeared in other publications.
  4. Submitted articles will be subject, when appropriate, to peer review which the Editor will normally arrange. Time for the refereeing process and any rewriting of articles must be built into the schedule, bearing in mind that referees are not paid for their services and that both authors and referees may not always respond as promptly as desired.
  5. Issue Editors are asked to write an editorial or commission one from another person, on a relevant subject of their choice. It should normally be between 500 and 1,000 words in length.
  6. Issue Editors may be individuals or a group of people. If the latter, then one person appointed by the group should take overall responsibility for liaison with the Editor and, as appropriate, the Production Editor.
  7. Issue Editors have no responsibility for regular features (e.g. Around the World, Indexes Reviewed, Book reviews).
  8. A production Schedule will be issued on appointment of the Issue Editor[s]. All material, in its final form, must be with the Editor by the scheduled date. Files should be in MS Word for Windows or WordPerfect for Windows, or formats compatible with these. Image files may be sent in jpg format. Other formats may be acceptable by arrangement with the Editor and Production Editor. Hard copy alone is acceptable only in exceptional circumstances.
  9. Production, including copyediting, proofreading, setting schedules and author liaison, is the responsibility of the Production Editor, who will be kept informed by the Editor of progress during the commissioning and refereeing process.
  10. Issue Editors may claim reasonable expenses, e.g. postage and telephone (claim form to be supplied by the Editor).
  11. Overall responsibility for the content of each issue lies with the Editor. In the unlikely event of any disagreement, the Editor's decision is final.

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