The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 24 Number 4, October 2005

169 Editorial
171 Why indexing? Rohan Bolton and Hilary Faulkner and Paula Peebles and Margaret Vaudrey
174 Starting out Jill Halliday
175 Diary of a trainee indexer, February 2003–May 2005 Rohan Bolton
179 Late bloomer: an indexer gets a start Jane Purton
180 Impressions of a first Canadian conference Dania Sheldon
183 The Canadian perspective Gillian Faulkner
184 ‘A funny lot’: indexing and local history books Bob Trubshaw
186 UC Berkeley Extension course: learning to index at a distance Sylvia Coates
189 Mentoring scheme in Australia Max McMaster
192 Do Mi’s Second Rule or the functions of subheadings Do Mi Stauber
197 Editing the index: developing a method Hilary Faulkner and Wiebke M. Light
200 Indexing archives for access Shauna Hicks
203 From a tin trunk to a niche in cyberspace: widening access to the records in Girton College Archive Kate Perry
205 Recollections: A. R. (Reg) Hewitt (1907–2005) A. R. Hewitt
206 Embedded indexing James Lamb
210 Index to Volume 24 (2004–2005)Compiled by Helen Litton
213 The myth of the reusable index Bill Johncocks
218 Developing and using new reference tools to search the jurisprudence of the World Trade Organization: the case of the Appellate Body Repertory Iain Sandford and Steve Cooper and Fernando Prieto Ramos
Regular Features
223 Letters
224 Around the world Glenda Browne
227 Obituaries: Frank Merrett and A. R. Hewitt
229 The Indexer thirty years ago Hazel K. Bell
231 Indexes reviewedEdited by Christine Shuttleworth
240 Book reviewsEdited by Maureen MacGlashan and Nancy Mulvany
250 Software, hardware and the web: reviewsEdited by Maureen MacGlashan and Nancy Mulvany

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