The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 24 Number 3, April 2005

117 Editorial Maureen MacGlashan
119 Creating indexes for world atlases at HarperCollins Publishers Jim Irvine
123 Indexing the law: a controlled vocabulary Mark Scott
127 Bernard Levin and The Indexer Hazel K. Bell
133 ‘The precious work’: from the correspondence between Oula Jones and Bernard Levin, 1981-1999
135 History and development of CINDEX™ Frances S. Lennie
138 Indexing Roman imperialisms John Richardson
142 Capturing moving images online Ann Cameron
Regular Features
145 Around the world Glenda Browne
148 Obituaries:
148  Audrey Judkins Elizabeth Ball
148  Christie Theron Marlene Burger
148  Frank Merrett Maureen MacGlashan
149 The Indexer thirty years ago Hazel K. Bell
151 Indexes reviewedEdited by Christine Shuttleworth
158 Book reviewsEdited by Maureen MacGlashan and Nancy Mulvany
167 Software, hardware and the web: reviewsEdited by Maureen MacGlashan and Nancy Mulvany

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