The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 24 Number 1, April 2004

1 Editorial Geraldine Beare
2 The other Wheatley J. D. Lee
6 What is an index? Geraldine Beare
9 ‘Discursive, dispersed, heterogenous’... indexing Seven pillars of wisdom Hazel K. Bell
12 Indexing Defoe Douglas Matthews
15 Indexing societies J. D. Lee
16 Working with the author Auriol Griffith-Jones
18 MACREX - a historyDrusilla Calvert interviewed by Geraldine Beare
21 Indexing defence: an indexer’s defence Richard Munro
24 NEWSPLAN conference Geraldine Beare
27 Is the future index-linked? Stuart James
32 Indexing the future of information Glenda Browne
38 Reminiscences of a reviews editor Philip Bradley
Regular Features
40 Obituary: Professor Hans H. Wellisch
42 Around the world Christie Theron
43 The Indexer thirty years ago Hazel K. Bell
45 Letters
46 Indexes reviewedEdited by Christine Shuttleworth
51 Book reviewsEdited by Sue Lambert and Nancy Mulvany

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