The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 23 Number 3, April 2003

113 Editorial
115 True and tested products: thesauri on the Web Michèle Hudon
120 Cyberspace and private-interest funding Jillian Tomm
124 Apples, pears and oranges: three important books on indexing Ruth Pincoe
129 Indexing and the ‘organized’ researcher Hope A. Olson and Lisa M. Given
134 Indexing workshops for technical writers Fred Brown
138 Indexing legislative text: Alberta Hansard Deirdre Grist
140 The index of a sixteenth-century architecture book Bella Hass Weinberg
149 Verifying personal names on the Web Noeline Bridge
158 The greatest and the worst indexes Hazel K. Bell
164 In defence of the professional indexer
167 Strange purposes of indexes Hazel Bell
Regular Features
169 Around the world Christie Theron
171 The Indexer thirty years ago Hazel K. Bell
173 Indexes reviewedEdited by Christine Shuttleworth
179 Book reviewsEdited by Philip Bradley and Nancy Mulvany

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