The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 21 Number 4, October 1999

154 International Agreement Jill Halliday
155 Indexing after the millennium 8 — whatever next? Jean Simpkins
156 Accessing documents and information in a world without frontiers Michèle Hudon
160 Software tools for indexing: revisited Nancy C. Mulvany
164 From 5 by 3 to CEA — Archival indexing at the millennium’s end David Ryan
169 Indexing traditional African musical instruments Marlene Burger
172 Broadcasting on indexing Douglas Matthews
174 Indexing children’s information books Paula L. Williams and K. G. B. Bakewell
180 Kiss and tell and index Hazel K. Bell
182 What makes a good Web index? Maureen Henninger
186 The Indexer thirty-odd years ago Hazel K. Bell
Regular Features
184 Around the world Christine Jacobs
189 Letter to the editor from Judy Batchelor
190 Indexes reviewedEdited by Christine Shuttleworth
197 ReviewsEdited by Philip Bradley

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