The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 21 Number 2, October 1998

59 Indexing after the millenium 3 — The indexer as helmsman Hans H. Wellisch
60 Indexing after the millennium 4 — The next few years Dorothy Thomas
62 Indexing after the millennium 5 — Future conditional Bella Hass Weinberg
64 Indexing as a career— development issues Jill Halliday
67 Indexing training and workflow on large digitization projects Kimberly A. Schroeder
70 History of indexing societies: Part IV Hazel K. Bell
73 A book-style index for the web Linda Fetters
85 Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation ... indexing methodologyThe Shoah Visual History Foundation in cooperation with Mary Crystal
Regular Features
77 Indexing: a current-awareness bibliography — index for parts 7-9 Jean Wheeler
90 Letters to the editor from Bella Hass Weinberg, Glenda Browne
93 Indexes reviewedEdited by Christine Shuttleworth
101 ReviewsEdited by Philip Bradley
In brief
57 "Year 2000 bug" should not affect indexers Janet Shuter
62 Land of subtle connections (excerpt from Orson Scott Card’s The originist)
92 Updike on indexing Christine Shuttleworth

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