The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 20 Number 4, October 1997

177 Editorial Dwight Walker
178 Professionalism John E. Simkin
182 Problems, some usual (marking Book Indexing Postal Tutorials) Ann Hall
185 Bringing it home: learning to index books by correspondence Shirley Manley and Norma Harwood
189 Indexing as a professional activity Elizabeth Wallis
193 Indexes to children’s information books Paula L. Mathews and K. G. B. Bakewell
195 Publishing a newspaper index on the World Wide Web using Microsoft Access 97 Maureen Kilcullen
197 Library & information science vs business: a comparison of approaches to abstracting Louise F. Spiteri
209 Indexes as fiction and fiction as paper-chase Hazel K. Bell
212 History of societies of indexers, Part II: three affiliations Hazel K. Bell
Regular Features
201 Indexing: a current-awareness bibliography part 8compiled by Jean Wheeler
216 Letters to the editor from Simon Cauchi, Michael Barckney, Bella Hass Weinberg
219 Indexes reviewedEdited by Christine Shuttleworth
227 ReviewsEdited by Philip Bradley
In brief
194 Developing a guide to indexing services Lynn Farkas
208 The world’s greatest index
215 Dorking - a retropective and an update Mary Piggott

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