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Thursday, 13 December 2018  
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Volume 20 Number 3, April 1997

113 Editorial
114 Good practice in indexing ? the new edition of ISO 999 Pat F. Booth
115 How to index online Jan C. Wright
121 AusSI Web indexing prizewinners Dwight Walker
125 Constructing an electronic library web page Faith Takishita
127 Indexing the California home page Lois E. Shumaker
131 Indexers and publishers: their views on indexers and indexing: Part 2 Andrea Frame
135 Classified v. specific indexing: a re-examination in principle Elizabeth M. Moys
156 For want of an alphabetical index: some notes toward a history of the back-of-the-book index in nineteenth century America Ira Kleinberg
160 History of indexing societies: Part I — SI: the first ten years Hazel K. Bell
Regular Features
137 Indexing: a current-awareness bibliography part 7
165 Index makers of today: Hazel K Bell; Douglas Matthews
167 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
174 Reviews
Special supplement
141 Classified contents of The Indexer 1958-1995

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