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Thursday, 13 December 2018  
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Volume 20 Number 1, April 1996

1 Editorial Janet Shuter and Nancy Mulvany
2 Guest editorial: looking back, looking forward Hans H. Wellisch
3 Whom should we aim to please? Hazel K. Bell
6 AusSI Web indexing prize Dwight Walker
8 Indexing for children Yvonne Dixon
11 Indexer nascitur, non fit — Lewis Carroll as indexer again August A. Imholz, Jr.
14 There’s more to an index Hazel K. Bell
16 Indexing a local newspaper using dBase IV Maureen Kilcullen and Melissa Spohn
18 The body of a reference work in relation to its index Bella Hass Weinberg
Regular Features
5 The Indexer thirty years ago
23 Index makers of today: Nancy Mulvany; Ann Hall
25 Indexing: a current-awareness bibliography: Part 6
31 Letters to the editor
33 Network of indexers
37 Awards
38 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
45 Reviews
55 Index makers 6: Alexander Cruden and his concordance

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