The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 19 Number 4, October 1995

241 Editorial: Reflections on authorship and indexing Nancy C. Mulvany
243 All in the mind: concept analysis in indexing John Farrow
248 Is the writing on the pall?
249 Indexing in hypertext environments: the role of user models Michael Forrester
257 Indexing Gladstone: from 5 x 3" cards to computer and database H. C. G. Matthew
264 A meditative index: Mr Palomar
266 Naming the indexer: where credit is due Elizabeth Wallis and Cherry Lavell
269 Music: special characteristics for indexing and cataloguing Jane A. Myers
274 Fishing for information
276 A Marshland index—or 'Indexing for the Hell of it' John A. Vickers
279 Indexing: A current-awareness bibliography Part 5
283 Computer-assisted indexing of loose-leaf supplements Elizabeth M. Moys
287 The Indexer Thirty years ago: Tetralogy completed
288 Index makers of today: Drusilla Calvert; Frances Lennie
290 Indexes past: The Biglow papers
292 Network of indexers
296 Obituary:BevAnne Ross
297 Letters to the editor
300 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
308 Software reviews
310 Book and periodical reviews
318 Publications received and publications noted

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