The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 19 Number 3, April 1995

153 Editorial: Is there anybody there? David Crystal
154 Coming events
155 Why postcoordination fails the searcher Bella Hass Weinberg
160 Foreign concepts: indexing and indexes on the Continent Michael Robertson
173 A database of radiocarbon dates for archaeology Cherry Lavell
177 Some indexing decisions in the Cambridge encyclopedia family David Crystal
184 Angst and anticipation; how will traditional information services fit in the new information age? Ronald G. Dunn
189 Where's that tune? Sarah J. Crofts
192 Indexes past: The anatomy of melancholy
193 Indexing: A current-awareness bibliography Part 4
201 Indexer—poet or pedant? John A. Vickers
203 Indexing a periodical: Verbatim Laurence Urdang
205 On indexing The heritage of North Cyprus: a personal approach Rosamond Hanworth
207 The Indexer Thirty years ago
208 Index makers of today: Michael Robertson; Michèle Clarke
210 Awards
213 Letters to the editor
216 Network of indexers: ASI; AusSI; China; IASC; SI
221 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
229 Software reviews
231 Book reviews
238 Publications received and publications noted

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