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Thursday, 13 December 2018  
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Volume 19 Number 2, October 1994

81 Editorial: Has the CyberEmperor no clothes? T. G. McFadden
83 Duplicate entries versus see cross-references in back-of-book indexes Virgil Diodato
88 Words can't describe it: streamlining PRECIS just for laughs! Christine Jacobs and Clement Arsenault
93 Indexing Irish grammars M. Christine McLaughlin
99 Scholarly search for the truth, and problems associated with indexing/abstracting Michael Mallory and Gordon Moran
102 Poetry in indexes Dena N. Sher
105 Indexes: a chapter from The Chicago manual of style, 14th edition: a review Bella Hass Weinberg
110 The Indexer Thirty years ago
111 Indexing: A current-awareness bibliography: author and subject indexes to Parts 1-3
123 ‘Indexer! Indexer!’ — a standing ovation from the author Willowdean W. Vance
125 Network of indexers: ASI; AusSI; China; IASC; SI
129 Index makers of today: Geraldine Beare; David Lee
131 Letters to the editor
134 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
142 Book reviews
150 Publications received and publications noted

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