The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 18 Number 4, October 1993

217 Editorial: Indexers of the world confer
218 Coming events
219 Subject analysis and indexing: from automated indexing to domain analysis Hanne Albrechsten
225 One index or two? Some observations on integrated indexes to classical Greek texts J. H. Bowman
231 Vive la difference! The survival of the softest Hazel K. Bell
236 Standardizing standards
237 The making of an indexF. Howard Collins ed. Michael Robertson
243 The Indexer Thirty years ago
244 Index makers of today
247 Indexing: A Current-awareness Bibliography Part 2 Jean Wheeler
259 Conference reports: ASI 25th anniversary
262 Letters to the editor
264 Network of indexers: ASI; AusSI; IASC; SI; CSI
269 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
277 Book reviews
285 Publications received and publications noted

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