The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 18 Number 3, April 1993

145 Editorial: Indexers as publishers
147 Research in indexing: more needed? K. G. B. Bakewell
152 All over the map
153 Multi-volume indexing of an economics series Gary Hall
155 Oh, dear, what can the matter be this time? John A. Vickers
157 The indexing of museum objects Leonard Will
161 Conferences and seminars: Text Retrieval 92 (IIS); Copyright and the indexer (SI)
165 Awards for indexers
169 Network of indexers: ASI; AusSI; IASC; SI
173 Indexing: A Current-awareness Bibliography Part 1: 1990-1991
187 Trial Trench
188 Reviewers confined to the galleys
189 The Wheatley Medal—thirty years old: past, present and future Jill Ford
191 Letters to the Editor: Name the indexer?
192 The Oxford thesaurus: British and American editions Philip Bradley
195 The Indexer Thirty years ago
196 Hit this key to continue; Hypertext
197 Obituary: John Thornton
198 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
206 Book reviews
214 Publications received and publications noted
215 Software review: INDEXER {AMA}

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