The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 18 Number 2, October 1992

73 Editorial: Editorial allies
75 Legal vocabulary and the indexer Elizabeth M. Moys
79 The Consolidated Index to Law reports Brian Symondson
82 Text + (index + text}
83 Should fiction be indexed? The indexability of text Hazel K. Bell
86 A Machiavellian index
87 Selected linguistic problems in indexing within the Canadian context Lisa Rasmussen
92 Indexing in and for Europe: a user's perspective Helen E. Chandler
95 Name of an author! Anne B. Piternick
101 Academic indexing: what's it all about? Ross J. Todd
105 Self-indexing T. P. Hutchinson
107 A new newspaper index
108 Conferences and seminars
110 Lewis Carroll as indexer
111 Indexing and index in LOGOS
112 The cry of the user
113 Out of the shoebox—into the network: Societies' news
117 The Indexer thirty years ago
118 The practicalities of document conversion Ian Galbraith
120 Technological hominid
121 Letters to the Editor
122 Sub-entries
123 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
132 Book reviews
142 Publications received and publications noted

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