The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 18 Number 1, April 1992

1 Guest Editorial: The future of the Society of Indexers Ken Bakewell
2 Coming events
3 Putting the horse before the cart: rapid access to data banks by the 'SIGNPOSTS' method Audrey M. Adams
9 Reverse alphabetical indexing
10 Repagination reconsidered
11 CD-ROM periodical indexes: better evaluation necessary Martin Goldberg
16 19th-century Perth newspapers indexed and abstracted Marjory M. Howat
19 Reflections on education of professional indexers John Simkin and Cherryl Schauder
23 Unacademic indexing John A. Vickers
24 The Indexer thirty years ago
25 Book numbering: the importance of the ISBN Philip Bradley
27 A scriptural index to Hymns and Psalms Oliver A. Beckerlegge
29 An author's guide to disparaging indexing Hazel K. Bell
31 Making the consolidated index of The Oxford history of England Richard Raper
33 The National Philatelic Society indexing project Ian Crane
35 Submitting work on disks: authors' stipulations Jane Dorner
37 Awards for indexers: AusSI; Wheatley; Wilson; Carey; NFAIS
40 Distortion and mutilation - it can happen to us
41 Levin writes again
43 Out of the shoebox - into the network: Societies news
46 Shakespearian travesty
47 Indexes past: A glossy index (Diaries of Lady Cynthia Asquith)
48 Letters to the Editor
50 An index to aid digestion
51 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
59 Book reviews
69 Publications received and publications noted
72 Notes for contributors

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