The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 17 Number 3, April 1991

153 Editorial: Different worlds of indexing
154 Coming events
155 Coping with a title: the indexer and the British aristocracy David Lee
160 Index makers: Charlotte Yonge, 1823-1901
161 Authors as their own indexers Mary Piggott
166 Unnatural index
167 Indexing The Athenaeum: aims and difficulties Micheline Hancock-Beaulieu and Susan Holland
173 Bias in indexing and loaded language Hazel K. Bell
177 To the manna born
178 Cross-references in back-of-book indexes Virgil Diodato
185 Indexing services in Nigeria: problems and prospects B. U. Nwafor
189 Could still do better: the revised index to the Newman biography John A. Vickers
191 The Ah!-factor
192 Tiny, shiny and terrific! CD-ROM round-up
194 Awards for indexers: Wheatley medal 1989
196 Indexing 29 volumes of Darwin Richard Raper
198 Indexers in fiction: Fantastic! ('The originist')
199 Shoebox, International: Newsletters of the affiliated societies Judy Batchelor
205 The Indexer thirty years ago
206 Conferences and meetings: IPG; ISKO; SFEP
210 OUP reference books: some recent additions Philip Bradley
212 Letters to the Editor
215 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
223 Book reviews
232 Publications received and publications noted

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