The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 17 Number 1, April 1990

1 Editorial: Know your friends
2 Coming events
3 Subheadings in award-winning book indexes: a quantitative evaluation Cecelia Wittmann
7 'Is Britannia a personality?': some questions arising while indexing the Imperial War Museum's collections Roger Smither
11 First find your index
12 The indexing of Welsh personal names Donald Moore
20 Father of the man
21 Natural-language processing and automatic indexing C. Korycinski and Alan F. Newell
30 News of British standards Mary Piggott
32 Swift on indexing
33 Indexing medical journals Doreen Blake
35 Newspaper indexing in Nigerian libraries E. E. Okorafor
39 Emblematic masterpiece: The Princeton Alciati companion John A. Gordon
41 How the publishers want it to look Jean Simpkins
43 Indexing biographies: the main character
45 Thundering about indexing
46 Index makers: Georgette Heyer, 1902-1974
47 Awards for indexers: Wheatley Medal; H. W. Wilson Award; Carey Award
50 Shoebox, International: Newsletters of the affiliated societies Judy Batchelor
55 Conferences and meetings
57 Indexers in fiction: Index of character (Lewis Percy)
58 Fortuitous conjunctions
59 Indexes past: Oddly informative
60 Letters to the Editor
63 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
71 Book reviews
79 Publications received and publications noted

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