The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 16 Number 3, April 1989

145 Guest Editorial: Pressing for press indexing Geraldine Beare
146 Coming events
147 Printed indexes to early British periodicals Peter Johnson
156 Indexing Asian names Nasreen Akhtar
159 Observations on the indexing of history: the example of the Journal of American History Matthew Benjamin Gilmore
163 Chemical and numerical indexing for the INSPEC Database J. C. Deaves and J. E. Pache
168 Indexing biographies: lives do bring their problems Hazel K. Bell
173 The usefulness of indexes Ben-Ami Lipetz
177 Of music and indexing Percy Young
181 Indexing and abstracting: a current-awareness bibliography Part 7 (detachable supplement xli-xlviii)
189 A publisher's view of indexers and indexing Claire Andrews
191 The strange affair of the resurrection of Waugh Hazel K. Bell
192 She who must be an indexer
194 Para-Index and Anti-Index
195 An index for breakfast
196 Shoebox, International: Newsletters of the affiliated societies Judy Batchelor
201 Awards for indexers
202 Symposium: How I became an indexer II
204 Dr Weinberg's advice to those about to index - 'don't read this book!
205 Caliban as indexer
206 Letters to the Editor
209 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
217 Book reviews
224 Publications received and publications noted

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