The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 16 Number 2, October 1988

73 Editorial: Electronic dreaming Margaret Cooter
74 Coming events
75 User approaches to indexes Jean Stirk
79 Back-of-the-book indexing with the nested phrase indexing system (NEPHIS) James D. Anderson and Gary Radford
85 Indexing a Victorian architectural journal: The Builder project Ruth Richardson
87 Indexing The Canadian Encyclopedia second edition Ron Gardner and Eve Gardner
92 'I copied all the letters in a big, round hand': indexing W. S. Gilbert Geoffrey Dixon
97 Researchers' attitudes to newspaper indexing in Nigeria L. O. Aina
99 Author-printer harmony with SGML J. D. Painter
101 The future for the information world Alexander Wilson
104 Sic, sic, sic!
106 Sir Joseph Banks' Natural History Catalogue
107 Indexing and abstracting: a current-awareness bibliography Part 6 (detachable supplement xxxvii-xl)
111 Shoebox, International: Newsletters of the affiliated societies
115 Index makers: Mary Petherbridge, 1870-1 940
117 Symposium: How I became an indexer
122 Of libraries great and small
123 Letters to the Editor
125 Translation and indexing
127 Software news
128 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
136 Book reviews
143 Publications reviewed and publications noted

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