The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 16 Number 1, April 1988

1 Editorial: New President—continuing challenges K. G. B. Bakewell
3 Why indexing fails the researcher Bella Hass Weinberg
7 Prestel indexing from the user's point of view Robin Yeates
11 LISA indexing: economic aspects of controlled indexing Nicholas Lister Moore
17 CD-ROMs and after Alexander Macmillan
22 A founding father: Frederick Ruffner and the Gale Research Co. Philip Bradley
32 Electronic publishing miscellany
33 Indexing and abstracting: a current-awareness bibliography Part 5 (detachable supplement xxix-xxxv)
40 Electronic publishing miscellany
42 BS 3700 revision K. G. B. Bakewell
44 The kingdom of the watergoat Ralph Cornes
46 Local newspaper indexing projects Geraldine Beare
48 Shoebox, International: Newsletters of the affiliated societies
51 Awards for indexers
52 Letters to the Editor
55 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
63 Book reviews
71 Publications reviewed and publications noted
72 Coming events

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