The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 15 Number 4, October 1987

193 Editorial: Inside the rainbow
194 Local newspaper indexing: seminar report
195 Reference books for indexers: some comments K. G. B. Bakewell
197 Indexing: old methods, new concepts Dwight R. Tousignaut
205 The business side of indexing Elizabeth Wallis
209 From Abantiades to Zygophyllum Pamela Forey
211 Topographical indexing J. F. W. Bryon
215 SI Conference, 1987
217 The Norman Knight Memorial Lectures
219 Indexing and abstracting: a current-awareness bibliography Part 4: Author and title index; Subject index (detachable supplement xvii-xxvii)
230 Training for indexing: a teacher's view Michael Gordon
231 Shoebox, international: Newsletters of the affiliated societies
234 The Carey Award: William Sebastian Heckscher
236 Index makers: No thankless task: Barbara Pym as indexer Hazel Holt
238 Letters to the Editor
240 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
247 Indexes past: Darwinism, and other essays
248 Book reviews
255 Publications received and publications noted

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