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Volume 15 Number 1, April 1986

1 Guest Editorial: The real information experts Ann H. Schabas
2 A glossary for indexers V
3 The indexing of Welsh place-names Donald Moore
9 Getting started in computerized indexing Kevin P. Jones
14 Victorian and Edwardian periodicals for children: some bibliographical problems Diana Dixon
19 Lies, damned lies, and scholarship Roy Porter
20 Documentation standards Mary Piggott
22 Computer-aided indexing of technical manuals Paul Hardy
24 Data protection and the indexer A. Sandison
26 A Shavian index
27 Indexers in fiction (Penelope Lively)
28 Indexes past: Lady's Magazine
29 A select bibliography on indexing and abstracting (Detachable supplement i-viii) Hans H. Wellisch
37 Awards for indexers
40 Shoebox, international: Newsletters of the affiliated societies
43 Conference reports: Info '85; 9th International Online Information Meeting
45 Technical Forum
46 Letters to the Editor
47 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
63 Publications received and publications noted
55 Book reviews

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