The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 14 Number 2, October 1984

81 Editorial: Spreading the word Hazel Bell
81 Editorial: Indexers and indexing: new bridges to cross Dorothy Thomas
84 Obituary: Leonard Montague Harrod, FLA
85 Authors' attitudes to indexes: a symposium
88 'The index to the definitive Pepys' Robert Latham
90 Entries to note
91 Author and source indexing and abstracting of journal articles Virgil Diodato
95 Computer-assisted indexes: two results assessed Hazel Bell and Kate Suggate
99 The evolution of a serial index Harris Shupak
103 The index and the indexer in 'how to write a book' books Daniel Uchitelle
105 Censorship in indexing Sheila S. Intner
109 The Indexer 25 years ago Ann Edwards
110 Indexers in clusters: course, meeting and seminar
111 Indexes from a user's viewpoint Alan Seal
114 'A book very much to your credit': the index to the private edition of Boswell's papers
115 Shoebox, international: Newsletters of the affiliated societies
118 The business of computer-aided indexing Richard Raper
120 Letters to the Editor
121 Indexers in fiction: Deer-stalkers and data banks
122 Moreana—after twenty years William S. Heckscher
123 The unique Canadian Hamburger: an eightieth birthday tribute to William S. Heckscher
124 Indexes past: Fors Clavigera (John Ruskin)
125 A glossary for indexers II
126 Sub-subentries
129 The London encyclopaedia: a user's experience Judy Batchelor
131 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
140 Book reviews
151 Notes for contributors to The Indexer
152 ASI, AusSI and IASC Officers lists

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