The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 14 Number 1, April 1984

1 Editorial: Bristol fashion
3 Linguistics and indexing David Crystal
8 Indexing the Strand magazine Geraldine Beare
14 Indexers in fiction: County chronicle (Angela Thirkell)
15 The cataloguing and indexing of the photographic collection of the Royal Commonwealth Society John Falconer
23 Animal, vegetable or mineral? Cataloguing and indexing in the Natural History Unit Film Library Rosi Crane
27 Teamwork indexing of The Scotsman John Bennett
30 Microcomputer-based indexing and abstracting Mary F. Tomaselli
35 Indexes of German-language biomedical abstracting journals: progress report II Joachim Thuss
42 On editing and indexing a series of letters Katherine Frost Bruner
47 Shoebox, international: Newsletters of the affiliated societies
50 Obituary: Theodore C. Hines
51 Letters to the Editor
53 Indexes past: London labour and the London poor
57 A glossary for indexers
58 Early humanist indexing
59 Indexes reviewed: extracts from press reviews
67 Book reviews
79 Notes for contributors to The Indexer
80 ASI, AusSI and IASC Officers lists

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