The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 13 Number 1, April 1982

1 Letter to a computer from a free-lance book-indexer Judy Batchelor
3 More on indexes in encyclopedias Hans H. Wellisch
6 The unconventional index and its merits William S. Heckscher
26 Indexers in fiction: No fond return of love (B. Pym)
27 Microcomputers for home indexing: a report and guide A. Campbell Purton
32 Indexes past: Index of 1900 to Boswell's life of Johnson
33 The Encyclopaedia of Islam and its index Hilda M. Pearson
35 The Indexer since 1958
37 European research centres—indexing a new data base Ann Edwards
41 Publishers' problems: a discussion report Judy Batchelor
43 The Churchill College Archives Centre Marion M. Stewart
48 Letters to the Editor
50 ASI/AusSI/IASC/SCAD/SI Newsletters
51 Anonymous index extraordinary John Ainsworth Gordon
52 Specialized vocabularies
53 Indexing international biomedical literature: a progress report
54 Indexes reviewed: extracts from reviews
58 Book reviews
70 Publications received and publications noted
71 Notes for contributors to The Indexer
72 ASI, AusSI and IASC/SCAD Officers lists

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