The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 12 Number 4, October 1981

169 'Beware — computer at work' John Ainsworth Gordon
170 From the 17th century: a German instruction in indexing Hans H. Wellisch
Awaiting copyright release 171 The future of indexes and indexing Robert L. Collison
173 Computer assistance in indexing with *INDEX Jay M. Pasachoff and Nancy P. Kutner
175 Problems of archaeological indexing Cherry Lavell
185 The preparation of a computer-generated concordance Michael G. Farringdon
189 Teaching book and periodical indexing at Liverpool K. G. B. Bakewell
194 The Wheatley Medal 1980
195 An Ordinary of Arms, Vol II, 1902-1973 Vivien Wilson
197 Indexing and the Common Market Anne Ramsay
199 Indexes past: Collected writings of Thomas de Quincey
200 Indexers in fiction: Pale Fire (V. Nabokov)
201 Letters to the editor
205 Training in indexing: some recent developments John Ainsworth Gordon
207 Computer-aid for philatelic indexing Roberta Palen
210 Disadvantages of computer-generated concordances George H. Klumpner
213 Saints and indexers Ernest Rubinstein
215 Indexes reviewed: extracts from reviews
223 Book reviews
230 Publications received and publications noted
231 Notes for contributors to The Indexer
232 ASl, AusSI and IASC/SCAD Officers lists
0 Volume 12 Index

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