The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 11 Number 4, October 1979

189 On indexing John Wesley John A. Vickers
198 Microcomputer-aided production of indexes Theodore C. Hines and Lois Winkel
201 The Wheatley Medal for 1978 and 1979
202 Word from Canada Mary Dykstra
204 Nietzsche as indexer August A. Imholtz
204 Specialized vocabularies
205 On citing Acts of Parliament and related law Richard Haig-Brown
209 Indexing The Times Barbara James
212 Indexer and computer as collaborators in the indexing of a periodical R. C. Kahler
213 Symposium: Indexers at work
213  The price of freelancing is eternal vigilance F. T. Dunn
214  Continuous indexing:a weekly periodical Richard Haig-Brown
214  At home with the children—'Invisible indexing' M. Raymer
215  The art of indexing is only a half of it Liz Cook
216  The indexing part of working life Richard Raper
216  Division of labour in rapid indexing of technical periodicals J. Edwin Holstrom
220 INFOTERM: International activities in the area of standardized terminology M. Krommer-Benz
226 Letters to the Editor
228 Indexers in fiction: Cat's cradle
229 Indexing services in Nigeria S. O. Oyesola
232 Style manual for authors, editors and printers of Australian government publications L. M. Harrod
235 Indexes reviewed: extracts from reviews
240 Book Reviews
251 Officers of the Societies

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