The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 11 Number 3, April 1979

125 The human use of human indexers Laurence Urdang
132 Computerized indexing need not be impossible Colin Bell and Kevin P. Jones
135 Letters to the Editor
136 Ideas for indexing: Encyclopaedia Britannica and Great Books of the Western World Arthur V. Coyne
140 Journal of Documentation Cumulative Index
141 Do you get the credit you deserve? Ann Edwards
143 Are Chemical Abstracts indexers really necessary? 'Monocle'
144 The changing Times
145 The Subject Access Project: a comparison with PRECIS Carolynn E. Bett
149 The Programme Index and Script Library of the BBC Joanna Clark
151 Where the world gets its news: table
152 Index to characters in children's literature Arthur D. Mortimore
154 A publisher uses freelance indexers Susan Galloway
156 Hanyu Pinyin
157 The ISO Thesaurus and the ISONET Manual E. Sutter
160 For the professional indexer a book needs that listing in the back Alice Edmunds
162 Finding work in indexing Elizabeth Wallis
163 Our national archives: The Public Record Office
164 Obituary
169 Indexers in fiction
169 News of the Societies: SI-ASI-AusSI-IASC/SCAD
173 Indexes reviewed: extracts from reviews
178 Book reviews
187 Officers of the Societies

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