The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 11 Number 2, October 1978

Proceedings of the First International Conference
57  Presidential reception
58  Presentation of the Wheatley Medal
60  Books at the Conference
61  Lateral Thinking and Indexing Edward De Bono
63  Languages of Asia, with special reference to the Islamic World J. D. Pearson
68  Reading to Learn and Using the Index Michael Marland
69   Learning and Teaching
70   The Business side of Indexing
71   A Study of Progress in Indexing
71   The next 21 years
72  An unconventional indexer: William S. Heckscher
73  The Publisher as Centaur Archie R. Turnbull
81  Early Multilingual and Multiscript Indexes in Herbals Hans H. Wellisch
103  Closing session
105 The Wheatley Medal awarded for 1977 L. M. Harrod
107 Wheatley Medal, 1978
108 News of the Society of Indexers
110 Complaint against the BBC by Mrs Elizabeth Wallis
113 Letters to the Editor
115 Extracts from Reviews
119 Book Reviews
124 Society of Indexers—Information
123 ASI and AUSSI Officers

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