The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 11 Number 1, April 1978

1 Editorial
2 A Note from the Chairman
2 Society of Indexers' Coming-of-Age: 21st Anniversary Congratulatory Messages.
5 The Society of Indexers
7 Progress in Indexing: Fact or Fiction? John L. Thornton
9 The American Society of Indexers
10 The Anniversary Conference
11 The Founding of the American Society of Indexers Alan Greengrass
14 Characteristics of Book Indexes for Subject Retrieval in the Humanities and Social Sciences Bonnie Gratch and Barbara Settel and Pauline Atherton
24 The Cumulative Index to the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology Jessica L. Harris
33 Twenty-five Years of History Indexing: a practitioner's report Eric H. Boehm
43 Subject Indexing Systems in the Compulsory Library School Curricula of North America Alan R. Thomas
45 The Role of the Information Book in the School Michael Marland
46 Our Contributors
46 Correspondence
47 Extracts from Reviews
52 Book Reviews

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