The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 10 Number 4, October 1977

161 Editorial
162 The Carey Award
164 Case History of the Compilation of a large Cumulative Index Jacqueline Sisson
176 The Wheatley Medal, 1976
176 Indexing The works of John Wesley John A. Vickers
179 The Typography of Indexes Robin Kinross
186 The British Standards Institution and its Recommendations for Indexes L. M. Harrod and Mary Piggott
191 Some Notes on the Indexing of a Library Science Periodical: the Index to Libri vols. 1 -25 Leif Kajberg
195 Terms of Affiliation with the Australian Society of Indexers
196 The Australian Society of Indexers Sylvia Ramsden
197 The Society of Indexers: Annual Report of the Council, 1976-77
200 News of the Society
200 Our Contributors
201 Proceedings of the First Scottish Conference
201 The Society of Indexers, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
203 The Publisher's View of Indexing
206 How a Dictionary was made: The Scottish national dictionary Russell Walker
208 Indexing Techniques and Standards: The Developing Role of the Registrar of Indexers Elizabeth J. Wallis
209 Book Reviews
211 Extracts from Reviews

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