The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 10 Number 3, April 1977

105 The Book, the Book Trade and the Future Martyn Goff
111 A U.S. Indexer attends a PRECIS Indexing Workshop Barbara M. Preschel
116 Britannica revisited C. D. Needham
124 'Official' Guidance on Book Indexes L. M. Harrod
130 Correspondence
131 The Education of Indexers: Current Courses and Opinions from the Field James D. Anderson
137 News of the Society
137 Relations between Authors and Indexers M. D. Anderson
138 Personalia
139 A haunting, I promise, for those who refuse to tell who's who and what's what Bernard Levin
141 Our Contributors
141 Getting in by the Back Door Frank Kermode
143 The American Society of Indexers
144 Book Reviews
152 Extracts from Reviews

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