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Volume 10 Number 2, October 1976

49 How to Recognise a Good Index Geoffrey Hamilton
53 Wheatley Medal 1975 Michael Wace
54 Syntactic and Semantic Relationships-or; a review of PRECIS P. F. Broxis
60 Card Indexes or Printed Pages-Physical Substrates in Index Evaluation E. J. Coates
68 Indexing the Montgomery Ward Catalogue Daniel J. Williams
70 Emphasis Indexing Marc R. D'Alleyrand
73 An Experiment with Bilingual Subject Headings Paul E. Vesenyi
75 A Curriculum in Indexing and Abstracting Richard A. Davis
78 Indexing in a State Parliamentary Library Josephine McGovern
81 Our Contributors
81 Annual Report of Council, 1975-76
86 Correspondence
88 Proceedings of the First National Conference:
Awaiting copyright release 88   Indexing in the Mid-seventies Robert L. Collison
92   Indexing and indexers from a Publisher's Angle Bruce Wilcock
94   Indexes in Children's Books Cecilia Gordon
94   Looking Ahead
96 Book Reviews
99 Extracts from Reviews

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