The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 09 Number 1, April 1974

1 Symposium: the Inadequacies of Book Indexes
9 Index Specifications Charles L. Bernier
12 Our Contributors
13 Islamic Filing Wolfgang Behn and Peter Greig
16 Computer-supported Indexing K. D. C. Kuch
18 Cartographic Indexing Deborah M. Smith
21 Enquire Within Upon Everything, 1888
22 The Wheatley Medal
23 Extracts from Reviews
27 Bias in Indexing
30 "For Blastings of Lightning, etc." Lilian Rubin
31 Indexing Special Collections
32 News of the Society
33 Personalia
33 "Indexers will not be replaced by Computers"
34 Correspondence
35 Book Reviews

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