The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 08 Number 4, October 1973

193 The Beginnings of Indexing and Abstracting Francis J. Witty
199 Indexing over Twenty-five Years F. T. Dunn
201 Leacock on Indexing Peter Greig
203 The Wheatley Medal, 1972
204 Indexing—a new approach Jeff Maynard
206 The Perfect Index John L. Thornton
209 Personalia
210 A Survey of Indexes in School Library Books H. B. King
214 The Cinderella of Indexing; Children's Books and Comics E.J.W.
217 Authors who have to Index: can they opt out? Norman Knight
218 Report of the Council for 1972-73
220 The Annual General Meeting
222 The American Society of Indexers. The Annual General Meeting. The Second Annual All-day Meeting.
224 Index Traps and Pitfalls Charles L. Bernier and Carolyn M. Flanagan
229 Biographical Profiles Anne J. Richter
232 Book Reviews
234 Extracts from Reviews

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