The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 08 Number 1, April 1972

1 A Message from the President of the Society of Indexers
2 Room for Improvement in Australia H. Godfrey Green
6 Indexing in Israel M. Z. Barkai
10 Indexing in Southern Africa R. F. Kennedy
13 The State of the Indexing Art in British Engineering Books: a General Impression Bruce S. C. Harling
17 The Use of Indexes John L. Thornton
Awaiting copyright release 20 Current American Trends in Indexing Robert L. Collison
23 What is a Good Index? F. H. C. Tatham
29 How Long Should an Index Take? Sally Coole
31 The Indexing of Multi-Author, Multi-Volume and Periodical Publications J. E. Holmstrom
44 Computer-aided Production of the Subject Index to the SMRE Bibliography M. Belton
50 Training for Indexing L. M. Harrod
53 Infofair/lnfoforum: a Report and some Reflections I. Shamah
56 Reference Books for American Indexers Ruth H. Hines
62 Journal Indexes—for Editorial Use G. H. Burns
65 Affiliation Approved
67 The American Society of Indexers
67 The Register of The Society of Indexers
70 Microform Technology: New Techniques of Information Storage and Retrieval
72 The Society of Indexers—by Radio A. R. Hewitt
74 Copyright in Indexes

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