The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 07 Number 4, Autumn 1971

142 Proposed Affiliation with The American Society of Indexers
143 The Editor Speaks L. M. Harrod
151 Indexers' Reference Books Bruce S. C. Harling
156 The Author, the Publisher and the Indexer Oliver Stallybrass
172 Naming the Indexer G. Norman Knight and F. H. C. Tatham
175 Book Indexing a Seasonal Occupation?
176 Index
178 Micropublishing
179 The Wheatley Medal, 1970
182 Our Contributors
183 Report of the Council for 1970-71
185 The Annual General Meeting, 1971
186 News of the Society
187 The American Society of Indexers
188 Extracts from Reviews
203 Correspondence
204 Book Reviews

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