The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 07 Number 2, Autumn 1970

42 An Early Wheatley Catalogue K. A. Mallaber
46 Introduction to Book Indexing M. D. Law
49 Computer-aided Production of Book Indexes Theodore C. Hines and Jessica L. Harris
55 Further Aspects of Indexing J. Arthur Greenwood
57 The Wheatley Medal for 1969 Norman Knight
58 The Wheatley Medal
60 The Eighth Training Course in Book Indexing, 1970
63 The Annual General Meeting
65 Report of the Council for 1969-70
66 Proceedings of the Council
67 News of the Society
67 Extracts and Comments
68 American Society of Indexers
70 Indexing of periodicals
80 Double-KWIC Indexing Gerald A. Willey
81 Correspondence
84 Extracts from Reviews
90 Our Contributors
91 Book Reviews

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