The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 06 Number 4, Autumn 1969

138 James Cholmondeley Thornton (1907-1969)
139 John Cook Wyllie (1908-1969)
141 Floreat Societas Indexerorum G. Norman Knight
147 An Index to SLA News, 1950-1967 Brenda White
151 User Preferences in Technical Indexes John F. Drage
156 American Society of Indexers Constitution
161 Indexing in Source Paul E. Vesenyi
163 Indexing Science Fiction P. Schuyler Miller
165 Why I am an Indexer
174 Humorous Indexes—The Stuffed Owl Hazel Bell
176 Moans of an Indexer G. Norman Knight
180 Indexes—Pleasures of; Pitfalls in; [etc.] Alan Brien
182 Annual General Meeting
183 Report of the Council for 1968-69
185 Correspondence
186 Extracts and Comments
187 Book Reviews
189 Wheatley Medal, 1969
189 Annual General Meeting of the American Society of Indexers

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