The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 06 Number 2, Autumn 1968

42 Indexing Technical Matter Neil R. Fisk
48 The Journal of Anatomy: index to the First Hundred Years 1866-1966 Doreen Blake and Ruth E. M. Bowden
52 A Coded Card Catalogue using MeSH Marguerite Fischer
54 The Origins of the Order of the Letters David Diringer
59 The Wheatley Medal
63 Criteria for Awarding the Wheatley Medal
66 A Note on Some Differences in Indexing Judy Lantz
68 Chambers's Encyclopaedia
69 Book Indexing in Great Britain
70 A.G.M., 1968. Report of the Council
74 A Word upon Indexes
75 Our Contributors
75 Correspondence
78 Personalia
79 MEDLARS Center Gerald A. Willey
80 Extracts and Comments
83 Indexing Baptist Periodicals
84 Thesaurus of Co-ordinate Index Terms
85 Book Reviews

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