The Indexer Back Issues

Volume 05 Number 1, Spring 1966

2 Editorial
3 The Length of Book Indexes M. D. Anderson
4 A 19th Century Indexer M. Beryl Bailey
5 Citation Indexing John Martyn
16 Three Encyclopaedia Indexes Delight Ansley
22 Clerihews for the Society of Indexers
23 A Computer Code for Alphabeting Theodore C. Hines
26 The Use of Capitals G. N. K.
27 Scientific and Technical Indexing E. J. Coates
35 Bibliography of Works by H. B. Wheatley L. M. Harrod
37 Islamic Names Brig. E. E. G. L. Searight
39 Preserving the News that's Fit to Print John Rothman
43 Let's Have an Improvement in British Book Indexes John Bryon
45 News of the Society
48 Indexing in the U.S.A.
48 The Fifth Training Course
49 Extracts and Comments
50 Book Reviews
54 Our Contributors

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