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Monday, 10 December 2018  
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ICRIS (International)

ICRIS Terms of Reference

Revised version as agreed at the 2015 Triennial Meeting (York, September 2015)

  1. Aim of Document

    The aim of this document is to clarify the various working arrangements for the International Committee of Representatives of Indexing Societies (ICRIS). It is not intended to replicate the International Agreement, nor is intended to be binding. Rather, its purpose is to provide guidance for ICRIS members. Further, it is a living document that may be amended at any time as seen fit by a simple majority of ICRIS members.

  2. ICRIS Membership

    As outlined in the International Agreement, each Society and Associate group or network will appoint an international liaison to represent its interests on matters of international import and to maintain open communication with the other Societies and Associates. Collectively, these liaisons are the International Committee of Representatives of Indexing Societies (ICRIS).

  3. ICRIS Chair

    The chair of ICRIS meetings is the International Coordinator. This person sets the agendas for and runs both the formal and informal meetings of ICRIS. Further information on this role can be found in the International Agreement.

  4. ICRIS Email List
    1. Aim of the list
      The aim of the email list is to share information (including newsletters) and enable discussion amongst the ICRIS representatives in each Society and Associate group or network about both practical matters (for example, meeting dates) and international issues of importance to indexing (for example, the way forward for The Indexer; the progress of the International Digital Publishing Forum's Indexing Working Group).
    2. Membership
      Membership in the ICRIS list differs from membership in ICRIS, as follows:
      • Membership in the ICRIS list includes preferably two but no more than three representatives of each Society and Associate network.
      • Membership includes two representatives of The Indexer.
      • The representatives of each Society and Associate network are the international liaison and at least one other individual.
      • International representatives to ICRIS meetings who are not the official liaison should be given temporary access before the meeting so that they can be aware of issues of discussion and to obtain the agenda and minutes.

      See Schedule A for current membership.

    3. Emails to list
      Emails to the list include the following:
      • agenda, minutes and other official documents
      • Society and Network newsletters
      • proofing and promotion of The Indexer
      • Society and Network information of international interest
      • discussions about issues of international indexing concern or interest
      • routine circulation of this guidance document, including updated membership (see Schedule A)
  5. Dates of Indexing Societies' Conferences

    Before setting dates for indexing conferences, international liaisons should use the ICRIS list to check other societies' conferences to avoid conflicting dates.

  6. ICRIS Meetings at Indexing Conferences
    1. Time of meeting
      ICRIS meetings should take place before the formal start of the conference.
    2. Attendance at meeting

      One nominated representative from each Society (often, but not always, that Society's international liaison) is requested to attend.

      • Other international participants in the conference may attend as guests, by invitation from the chairperson.
      • For the time being, no restrictions are placed on the number of host Society members who may attend, but this invitation is at the discretion of the chairperson and is subject to the consideration of other ICRIS members.
    3. Costs of attending meetings
      As outlined in the International Agreement, one authorized ICRIS representative from each Society will have their Conference registration waived by the hosting Society. Any additional costs, such as accommodation, travel expenses or special events, are not part of this agreement.
    4. Meeting room costs
      The Society hosting the conference covers any room and refreshment costs; refreshments are not a requirement.
  7. Running of the Meeting
    1. Agenda items and agendas
      The ICRIS Coordinator prepares the agenda and circulates it on the ICRIS email list ahead of time to allow other list members to suggest additional items if needed.
    2. Minutes
      Minutes are usually taken by a volunteer, often a guest who is a member of the host Society.
    3. Decision-making
      Decisions that affect all societies are often discussed at these informal meetings. Practice may change subsequent to these discussions, but all decisions must be ratified at the next triennial meeting.
  8. Triennial Meetings
    1. When
      Future triennials are to be held in 2018, 2021, 2024, 2027 etc.
    2. Where
      Location of the triennial rotates between Societies. To date, the sequence has been as follows:
      • 2015 - York, UK (hosted by ANZSI)
      • 2012 - Brighton, UK
      • 2009 - South Africa
      • 2006 - Toronto, Canada
      • 2003 - Sydney, Australia
      • 2000 - Cambridge, UK

      This sequence is not binding.

    3. Hosting a meeting
      See Schedule B for hosting guidelines.
  9. Society Newsletters

    As part of the International Agreement, Societies will make a copy of their online member newsletter available to governing bodies of all the other sister Societies and Associate groups or networks, and these bodies may make the newsletters available to their members. This arrangement is handled via the ICRIS email list. ICRIS list members need to be aware that they must not make these publications publically available; they are for sister Society members only. Additional information can be found in Schedule D of the International Agreement.

Schedule A: Current ICRIS Email List Members

The current list has 21 subscribed addresses. The actual number of members is fewer, as some members receive mail through both a generic society address and a personal address.

International Coordinator: Mary Russell (ANZSI)
List Manager: Caroline Diepeveen (NIN)

ANZSI President
Max McMaster
Mary Russell (ANZSI liaison and International Coordinator)

Marlene Burger
Madely de Preez

President ASI
International Liaison
Pilar Wyman

Mary Newberry
Ruth Pincoe

International Liaison (generic address)
Ann Kingdom
Maureen MacGlashan

Hua Nie
Lifang Guo
Guanghui Yang

Jochen Fassbender
Elske Janssen

Pierke Bosschieter
Caroline Diepeveen

The Indexer
Maureen MacGlashan

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