Volume 25 Number 4, October 2007ISSN 0019-4131 (print)
 ISSN 1756-0632 (online)
The International Journal of Indexing
225 EditorialsDerek Copson and Maureen MacGlashan
229 Once upon a time: four long-standing members of the SI tell how it was in days gone byElizabeth Wallis, Doreen Blake, J. D. Lee and Barbara Britton
228 Obituary: Richard Raper
235 Facilitas inveniendi: the alphabetical index as a knowledge management toolHelmut Zedelmaier
243 Known orders: unusual locators in indexesBella Hass Weinberg
253 Indexing botanical and horticultural textsAlex S. George
255 An alternative index to an 1877 ‘handbook of quotations’Hazel K. Bell
257 Past, present and futureGeraldine Beare
265 Disintermediate or die? Volunteer societies in an information ageJon Jermey
266 Indexer, living with anMartin Dear
270 The Indexer thirty years agoRosi Dear
272 Around the worldGlenda Browne
277 Conference checklistANZSI 2007 Conference Committee
279 Browser barCompiled by Pierke Bosschieter
280 Obituary: Susan DeRenne Coerr
281 Indexes reviewedEdited by Christine Shuttleworth
290 The Glasgow Art Club archivesTheo van Asperen
291 Book reviewsEdited by Maureen MacGlashan and Frances Lennie
Centrepiece 3: The indexing of personal names
PDF fileC3:1 Khoe-San names (African click languages)Shelagh Willet
PDF fileC3:5 Spanish personal namesFrancine Cronshaw
PDF fileC3:8 The entry word in Ethiopian namesKebreab W. Giorgis
PDF fileC3:10 Indexing Tibetan names: some suggestionsE. E. G. L. Searight
PDF fileC3:12 Indexing Asian namesNasreen Akhtar