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Types of indexes


Article titles are followed by the authors’ names; place of appearance is indicated by volume and page numbers. The link from volume and page numbers will lead to information on publication dates thus yielding a complete reference to the article.

Bibliographic indexing

  • Indexing science fiction. P. Schuyler Miller 6.163–4
  • Computer-aided production of the subject index to the SMRE bibliography. M. Belton 8.44–9
  • Indexing a bibliographical guide. K. Boodson 9.93–100
  • Computer-assisted production of bibliographic databases in history. Joyce Duncan Falk 12.131–9
  • Indexing of a computerized bibliography for London’s archaeology. Audrey Adams 14.235–40


Children’s book indexes

  • Indexing children’s books. Brenda Miller 8.140–4
  • Indexes to children’s books are essential. H.B. King 5.130–1
  • A survey of indexes in school library books. H.B. King 8.210–13
  • The Cinderella of indexing; children’s books and comics. E.J. Wallis 8.214–15
  • Index to characters in children’s literature. Arthur D. Mortimore 11.152–3
  • Reading to learn, and using the index. Michael Marland 11.68–9
  • Indexes of children’s books in Australia. Brenda Miller 12.29–33
  • Indexes to children’s information books. P.L. Mathews and K.G.B. Bakewell 20.193–4
  • Indexing for children. Yvonne Dixon 20.8–10/15
  • Indexing children’s information books. Paula L. Williams and K. G. B. Bakewell 21.174–9
  • A look at classification and indexing practices for elementary school children: who are we really serving? Valerie Nesset 34.71-73

Citation indexing

  • Citation indexing. John Martyn 5.5–15
  • The World list of scientific periodicals. Kenneth I. Porter 5.70–8
  • Citation indexing: uses and limitations. Helen E. Chandler and Vincent de P. Roper 17.243–9
  • Name of an author! Anne B. Piternick 18.95–9
  • The development of the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index. Weina Hua 22.128–9
  • Author citations and the indexer. Sylvia Coates C10:1
  • Growing with indexing and the role of citation databases: ISAP shows the way. Antoinette Kotze 33.77-80


  • Index structures in early Hebrew Biblical word lists: preludes to the first Latin concordances. Bella Hass Weinberg 22.178–186
  • Patterns and hidden meanings: the dawn of automated indexing. Rudy Hirschmann 29.19–22


(see also Periodicals)

  • Case history of the compilation of a large cumulative index (to A. Venturi’s Storia dell’arte Italiana). Jacqueline D. Sisson 10.164–75/194
  • The cumulative index to the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology. Jessica L. Harris 11.14–32
  • Compiling Cumulated fiction index 1975–1979. M.E. Hicken 13.88–9
  • The ISIS cumulative bibliography 1931–65. Magda Whitrow 13.158–65
  • New aids to cumulative periodical indexing. Robert Fraser 13.228–31
  • Making the consolidated index of The Oxford History of England. Richard Raper 18.31–2
  • Multi-volume indexing of an economics series. Gary Hall 18.153–5
  • Tears, drama and meeting minutes: an indexing experience. Kate Faulkner 32.71-75


  • A glossy index (Lady Cynthia Asquith’s Diaries). 18.47
  • Indexing Gladstone: from 5 x 3" cards to computer and database. H.C.G. Matthew 19.257–64
  • Indexing Pepys’s diary. Robert and Rosalind Latham 12.34–5
  • ‘The index to the definitive Pepys’. Robert Latham 14.88–90
  • ‘Thankless task’ accomplished for (Barbara) Pym. Hazel K. Bell 14.189
  • Indexing Wesley’s journals and diaries. John A.Vickers 25.9–11
  • ‘And so to bed’: the index to The diary of Samuel Pepys. Fred Leise 29.4–11

Embedded indexing

  • Embedded indexing. James Lamb 24.206–209
  • The myth of the reusable index. Bill Johncocks 24.213–217
  • Ebook indexing update. Glenda Browne 34.160-2
  • The Chicago manual of style on indexes in electronic publications and the use of metadata. Glenda Browne 36.115-118


  • Three encyclopaedia indexes (art; New Catholic; science and technology). Delight Ansley 5.16–22
  • Ideas for indexing: Encyclopaedia Britannica and Great Books of the Western world. Arthur V. Coyne 11.136–40
  • Some indexing decisions in the Cambridge encyclopedia family. David Crystal 19.177–83
  • Britannia revisited. C.D. Needham 10.116–23
  • Indexing The Canadian encyclopedia second edition. Ron and Eve Gardner 16.87–91
  • Indexing Chambers’s encyclopaedia. M.D. (Dorothy) Law 6.13–16
  • The encyclopaedia of Islam and its index. Hilda M. Pearson 13.33–5
  • The index of the Encyclopaedia Judaica. Raphael Posner 8.101–11
  • Indexing the Great Soviet encyclopaedia. Emil Pocock 9.180–4
  • Facilitas inveniendi: the alphabetical index as a knowledge management tool. Helmut Zedelmaier 25.235-242


Images and other illustrative material including film

  • The International Index to Film Periodicals. Frances Thorpe 12.83–8
  • The cataloguing and indexing of the photographic collection of the Royal Commonwealth Society. John Falconer 14.15–22
  • Animal, vegetable or mineral? Cataloguing and indexing in the Natural History Unit Film Library. Rosi Crane 14.23–6
  • Indexing and cataloguing the Walt Disney Archives. David R. Smith 15.154–6
  • Layered indexing of images. Kimberly A. Schroeder 21.11–14
  • It ain't just what you say but the way that you say it: indexing a DVD. David Crystal 27.173–5
  • Image indexing. Tomasz Neugebauer 28.98–103
  • Chicken or egg theory: do we truly know how they search? Elaine Ménard 29.150–156
  • Illustrative material and how to handle it. Max McMaster 29.123-126
  • TIIARA for an IDOL: an adventure in indexing. Elaine Ménard 31.2-11
  • Pictures into words. Brian Stewart 33.8-25
  • From librarian to media manager: looking after BBC Scotland's archive. Jennifer Wilson 34.55-61
  • Visual indexes. Mary Russell and Joan Dearnley 35.109-12
  • Indexing videos: timing is everything. Jan Wright 36.90-95


  • How I indexed Dickens’s letters. James Thornton 4.119–22
  • On editing and indexing a series of letters (of Sir Robert Hart). Katherine Frost Bruner 14.42–6
  • The Burney papers — or, where does an index begin? Althea Douglas 14.241–8
  • Indexing published letters. Douglas Matthews 22.135–41
  • 'Your letters have been life and breath to me': the challenge of indexing My beloved man. Marian Aird 34.138-43


  • ‘Is Britannia a personality?’: some questions arising while indexing the Imperial War Museum’s collections. Roger Smither 17.7–11
  • The indexing of museum objects. Leonard Will 18.157–60
  • Streamlining PRECIS just for laughs (Musée ... pour rire). C. Jacobs & C. Arsenault 19.88–92


  • Preserving the news that’s fit to print (New York Times Index). John Rothman 5.39–42
  • Indexing 19th-century North Devon newspapers. Peter Christie 15.91–3
  • 19th-century Perth newspapers indexed and abstracted. Marjory M. Howat 18.16–18
  • Teamwork indexing of The Scotsman. John Bennett 14.27–9
  • The Times index. C.H.J. Kyte 5.125–9
  • Indexing The Times. Barbara James 11.209–11
  • Indexing of smaller-circulation daily newspapers. L.M. Sandlin, J.H. and B.S. Schlessinger 14.184–9
  • Producing a local newspaper index. Michael Knee 13.101–3
  • Local newspaper indexing projects and products. Geraldine Beare 16.227–33
  • Indexing a local newspaper using dBASE IV. M. Kilcullen and M. Spohn 20.16–17/22
  • Researchers’ attitudes to newspaper indexing in Nigeria. L.O. Aina 16.97–8
  • Newspaper indexing in Nigerian libraries. E.E. Okorafor 17.35–8
  • Newspaper indexing: an international overview. Nazir Ahmad 17.257–66
  • Direct electronic access to a large clippings library. Michael Steemson 19.19–21
  • Publishing a newspaper index on the World Wide Web using Microsoft Access 97. Maureen Kilcullen 20.195–6
  • Yesterday is history: the evolution of the Weekly Mail index. Christopher Merrett 22.72–5
  • NEWSPLAN conference. Geraldine Beare 24.24–26
  • Newspaper archives: indexing Cumhuriyet. Meral Alakuş 29.179–79
  • The National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals (NICNP) in the digital age. Han Chunlei 31.50-53
  • On indexing the Argus. John Hirst 31.158-162


(see also Cumulation; Newspapers)

  • Standards for indexes to learned and scientific periodicals 2.63–4
  • Indexing of periodicals. Peter Ferriday 4.34–8
  • Index to a periodical volume. G.J. Narayana and K. Ramaswami 4.59–66/89
  • Indexing in source. Paul E. Vesenyi 6.161–3
  • Indexing of periodicals. Survey 7.70–9
  • The indexing of multi-author, multi-volume and periodical publications. J. Edwin Holmstrom 8.31–43
  • Journal indexes — for editorial use. G.H. Burns 8.62–5
  • Printed indexes to early British periodicals. Peter Johnson 16.147–55
  • Author and source indexing and abstracting of journal articles. Virgil Diodato 14.91–4
  • The evolution of a serial index. Harris Shupak 14.99–102
  • Indexing medical journals. Doreen Blake 17.33–4
  • CD-ROM periodical indexes: better evaluation necessary. Martin Goldberg 18.11–15
  • Indexing The Athenaeum: aims and difficulties. Micheline Hancock-Beaulieu and Susan Holland 17.167–72
  • Indexing the British Medical Journal. Richard Jones 19.13–18
  • Aims and methods of the British Technology Index. E.J. Coates 3.146–53
  • Indexing a Victorian architectural journal: The Builder project. Ruth Richardson 16.85–6
  • The indexing procedures of the Foreign Language index. R.L. Collison 9.154–9
  • Indexing The Indexer. John A. Gordon 13.253–4
  • The Indexer’s indexes: critique and reply. Kingsley Siebel / Geoffrey Dixon 17.267–8
  • The International Index to Film Periodicals. Frances Thorpe 12.83–8
  • The Jewish Chronicle index 1841— . John M. Shaftesley 4.3–13
  • The Journal of Anatomy: index to the first hundred years 1866–1966. D. Blake and R.E.M. Bowden 6.48–51
  • The library journals, 1876–1975. Graham Jones 10.9–14
  • Some notes on the indexing of a library science periodical: the index to Libri, vols. 1–25. Leif Kajberg 10.191–4
  • Indexing LISA: chains, KISS and the bold approach. Tom Edwards 9.133–46
  • Indexing LISA. K.G.B. Bakewell 13.261–4
  • The London Gazette index. Grace Holmes 4.13–16
  • An index to SLA News, 1950–1967. Brenda White 6.147–50
  • Indexing the Strand Magazine. Geraldine Beare 14.8–13
  • Indexing a government journal (Survey of Current Affairs). Philip E. Found 15.151–3
  • Indexing a periodical: Verbatim. Laurence Urdang 19.203–4
  • The World list of scientific periodicals. Kenneth I. Porter 5.70–8
  • Database indexing: yesterday and today. Harry Diakoff 24.85–96
  • Nulli Secundus: a volunteer effort. Edyth Binkowski 25.125–127
  • Indexing the early New Zealand Woman's Weekly, 1933-1950. Julie Daymond-King 26.170–171
  • Serials indexing: from journal to databases. Caroline Barlow 27.2–6
  • Digital journal indexing: electrified or electrocuted? Problems, practicalities and possibilities: the case of the CCHA and/et la SCHÉC. Brian F. Hogan 28.154–162
  • The Poehlman case: understanding and indexing ethical problems in scientific journals. Carolyn Brown 29.179–184
  • The National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals (NICNP) in the digital age. Han Chunlei 31.50-53
  • The Chinese Periodical Full-Text Database (1911-49): searching the literature of the Republic of China. Xu Shu 31.54-59
  • The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals. Marci Hoffman 34.50-55
  • The Lady's Magazine: understanding the emergence of a genre. Nicola King 35.112-16
  • Think this through with me - indexing the Dead. Jan Wright 35.134-44
  • The New Yorker: thirty years an indexer. Mary Norris 36.2-4
  • ANZSI Newsletter indexing project: indexing the first 20 years (1973–92). Mary Russell 36.76–9

Poetry, hymns and psalms

  • Humorous indexes: The stuffed owl. Hazel K. Bell 6.174–5
  • A scriptural index to Hymns and Psalms. Oliver A. Beckerlegge 18.27–9
  • Should fiction be indexed? The indexability of text. Hazel K. Bell 18.83–6
  • Poetry in indexes. Dena N. Sher 19.102–4
  • Indexer — poet or pedant? John A. Vickers 19.201–2
  • Poetry and the indexing thereof: the role of the Scottish Poetry Library (SPL). Julie Johnstone 28.2–5
  • Carols for indexers. Mary Russell and Maureen MacGlashan 29.50–55
  • Subject indexing of poetry – could we? Should we? Hazel K. Bell 29.56–63
  • An index of counter-spells in Ariosto's Orlando furioso (1516). Michael Robertson 30.179-184

Reference material

  • Indexing a reference grammar. David Crystal 15.67-72
  • Some indexing decisions in the Cambridge Encyclopedia family. David Crystal 19.177-83
  • The expanding worlds of reference. Tom McArthur 22.86–90
  • Reference book indexes reviewed. Catherine Sassen 28.26-29

Website indexing

  • The usability of academic library website indexes: an investigation. Ilana Kingsley 26.71–78
  • The Mandela Portal ? how do visitors get there? Shadrack Katuu and Sello Hatang 28.69–73
  • One index, two formats: print versus web indexes for political debates in British Columbia. Julie McClung 28.110–115
  • Creation, placement, and design of website indexes on university websites in the United States. Ilana Kingsley 31.18-25
  • Controlling our vocabulary: language consistency in a library context. Mark Aaron Polger 32.32-37
  • Website indexing. Mary Coe 34.20-25
  • Accessible web indexes: design for those with disabilities. Cheryl Caballero and Rosalind Guldner 35.30-2
  • Scran: Scotland's history and culture website 20 years on. Andrew James 35.25-30
  • Indexing databases for our users, not ourselves. Valerie Nesset 36.105-108
  • Structured data for online content: how indexers can help search engines. Alexandra Bell 36.101-105
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