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Indexing systems, standards and methods


Article titles are followed by the authors’ names; place of appearance is indicated by volume and page numbers. The link from volume and page numbers will lead to information on publication dates thus yielding a complete reference to the article.


  • Some ideas on indexing. J. Edwin Holmstrom 1.96–103
  • Some procedures in indexing. J. Edwin Holmstrom 2.20–30
  • Let’s have an improvement in British book indexes. John Bryon 5.43–5
  • An unusual method of making a book index (thumb-indexed notebook). Symposium. 6.4–13
  • An unusual method of making a book index (narrow strips). Lindsay Verrier 6.118–22
  • Infofair. I. Shamah 7.5–12
  • Some personalities: Sidney and Beatrice Webb. Margaret Anderson 7.19–23
  • Infofair/Infoforum. I. Shamah 8.53–5
  • The use of KWIC to index the proceedings of a public inquiry. Peter A. Thomas 8.145–52
  • Selective indexing. Symposium 9.59–65
  • Indexing methods used by some abstracting and indexing services. K.G.B. Bakewell 10.3–8
  • A curriculum in indexing and abstracting. Richard A. Davis 10.75–7
  • The Subject Access project. Carolynn E. Bett 11.145–8
  • Evaluating index systems. John J. Regazzi 12.14–21
  • Developing a system of indexing surnames in the Home Office. John L. Rush 12.81–2
  • Patent classification and information retrieval services. Andrew Bayer 12.117–24
  • A history of indexing technology. Martha Cornog 13.152–7
  • Information systems at the Business Archives Council. Celia Jackson 14.257–8
  • Indexing: old methods, new concepts. Dwight D. Tousignant 15.197–204
  • Prestel using from the user’s point of view. Robin Yeates 16.7–10
  • Back-of-the-book indexing with the nested phrase indexing system. James D. Anderson & Gary Radford 16.79–84
  • Putting the horse before the cart: rapid access to data banks by the SIGNPOSTS method. Audrey M. Adams 18.3–9
  • Why postcoordination fails the searcher. Bella Hass Weinberg 19.155–9
  • Indexing Gladstone: from 5 x 3" cards to computer and database. H.C.G. Matthew 19.257–64
  • Computer-assisted indexing of loose-leaf supplements. Elizabeth M. Moys 19.283–6
  • Judging indexes: the criteria for a good index. David Lee 22.191–4
  • Creating indexes for world atlases at HarperCollins Publishers. Jim Irvine 24.119–122
  • Do Mi’s Second Rule or the functions of subheadings. Do Mi Stauber 24.192–196
  • Controlled vocabularies, thesauri, and taxonomies. Heather Hedden 26.33
  • Comparative evaluation of thesaurus creation software. Heather Hedden 26.50–59
  • The medium is not the message: topic maps and the separation of presentation and content in indexes. Richard Northedge 26.60–64
  • Introduction to controlled vocabularies. Fred Leise 26.121–126
  • Keyword vs controlled vocabulary searching: the one with the most tools wins. Sevim Mcutcheon 27.62–65
  • Herding cats: indexing British Columbia's political debates using controlled vocabulary. Julie McClung 27.66–69
  • Indexing ordinary images: challenges and perspectives. Elaine Menard 27.70–76
  • After the Prize: Indexing at the Einstein Papers Project. Rudy Hirschmann 29.98–10
  • Same publication + many indexers = ???. Max McMaster 30.98-100
  • TIIARA for an IDOL: an adventure in indexing. Elaine Ménard 31.2–11
  • In defense of multiple indexes: or the index as learning tool. Florian Ehrensperger 31.153–158
  • Indexing as preadaptive advance: a socio-evolutionary perspective. Alberto Cevolini 32.50-57
  • Taxonomies, folksonomies, ontologies: what are they and how do they support information retrieval?. Madely du Preez 33.29-37
  • Name authority control in large projects. Linda Dunn C14:1
  • Indexes behaving badly: the cobbler's children have no shoes. Mary Coe 34.170-2
  • Indexing books in 18th-century Russia: the publishing career of Andrei Bogdanov. Sergei Lobachev 35.50-9
  • Creating indexes and thesauri: similarities and differences. Heather Hedden 35.121-6


  • Indexing LISA: chains, KISS and the bold approach. Tom Edwards 9.133–45
  • LISA indexing: economic aspects of controlled indexing. Nicholas Lister Moore 16.11–16
  • LISA: anatomy of an abstracting service. Daphne M. Tomlinson 15.83–6


  • The PRECIS indexing system. K.G.B. Bakewell 9.160–6
  • Syntactic and semantic relationships — or: a review of PRECIS. P.F. Broxis 10.54–9
  • A US indexer attends a PRECIS indexing workshop. Barbara M. Preschel 10.111–15
  • Streamlining PRECIS just for laughs! C. Jacobs & C. Arsenault 19.88–92


  • American Standards Association: Z39 Subcommittee on Indexing 1.42–7
  • Standards for indexes to learned and scientific periodicals 2.63–4
  • Index to a periodical volume. G.J. Narayana and K. Ramaswami 4.59–66/89
  • Standards update: ANSI Committee Z39. Fred Blum 9.113–15
  • Documentation Standards at BSI. Michael Bardwell 9.116–18
  • The British Standards Institution and its recommendations for indexes. L.M. Harrod/Mary Piggott 10.186–91
  • Documentation standards. Mary Piggott 15.20–1
  • News of British Standards. Mary Piggott 17.30–2
  • BS 3700 revision. K.G.B. Bakewell 16.42–4
  • Towards a new international standard on indexing. K.G.B. Bakewell 17.127–8
  • Deconstructing indexing standards. Drusilla Calvert 20.74–7
  • Good practice in indexing — the new edition of International Standard ISO 999. Pat F. Booth 20.114
  • G/T 22466-2008 - Guidelines for indexing: China's new national indexing standard. Wen Guoqiang and Guo Lifang 27.101-102
  • Quality control of indexes in South Africa. Jenny de Wet 34.172-4
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